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The 7 Sins Advertisement Campaign

Written by:

Joey Sylvester
|  Categories: Artwork, Blog

UPDATE: Added some more advertisements and content.

It’s the first post of the new year so let’s start it right! I recently participated in a contest that required it’s contestants to create advertisements promoting or warning against one of the 7 Deadly Sins(I will keep the blog updated as to results). The rules for the contest were simple:

- Use their image template dimensions
- Incorporate at least 3 pieces of stock ART provided by the supplier.(watch the video to see what I used)
- In addition, I could modify or add anything I created by hand(which ended up being quite a bit).

This was my first real attempt at trying something like this, and honestly I didn’t know how it would turn out. Some of these pieces have lots of hand painted detail, so to see the high resolution versions simply click the image.

Let’s start with WRATH.. This painting began life as something completely different, as you will learn below. After finding my concept and overall composition, I kind of just let my imagination run wild with everything else. There was around 20+ stock images used in addition to a large amount of hand painted detail. ALSO NOTE: If your interested, at the bottom of this post or HERE there is a video detailing exactly how I went about creating 2 of these paintings. Hope you like!

Honestly, doesn’t this speak for itself. After I created the cats eyes I thought to myself.. WHO would say no to those.. haha.. If this thing lands on a billboard, I would love to see the reactions from people.

Another one of my favorites! After researching “GLUTTONY” I realized it was about so much more then overeating. I understood it to mean something I’ve known my entire life. Too much of anything is a bad thing. So I knew right away that I wanted to include things like time, money, food, health, natural resources and more. If you look closely, I managed to get all of them and more in this painting. In fact, if the contest rules didn’t state they wanted “simple” designs, I would have built a city around the word. Simple isn’t really my thing, so it was a constant struggle to stop myself from continuing with this.

To be honest, I was not even aware pride was a Sin! After reading up on it I definitely see why it is considered to be the greatest and most lethal of the 7. After staring at a blank canvas and getting the typography up, my concept became clear. The greatest of the seven stuck out to me, and HAD to have something EPIC! I knew I wanted to match the word with something that could relate to power, thus creating an atomic explosion. If anyone is curious, it was painted completely via sampling some some water textures, sand, rock, a paintbrush and the smudge tool. This was another image I could have easily kept working on, but HAD to stop.

Self explanatory.. After looking at the previous 7 pieces, I decided to create more advertising friendly versions of the sins.

The first of the 7 paintings I completed, and also my initial inspiration for continuing on with this project. It started with one image that I was going to submit for fun, and quickly snowballed into what you see here. Now the rules read that I had to use “AT LEAST” 3 pieces of stock, however there is probably 20+ pieces in here along with quite a bit of hand painted detail. Again, not much thought was put into the concept, and I kind of just went with things as I was designing. The end result became something I was fairly happy with. Considering I didn’t use 3D software or hand sketches, I would say this is a success =)

Self explanatory.. After looking at the previous 7 pieces, I decided to create more advertising friendly versions of the sins. With every company “going green” nowadays, and with the current state of wall street I thought this was fit the bill for greed!

EASILY the most advertising friendly sin. Right away I had the idea to feature silhouettes of the women body. It was difficult however because a lot of the stock they offered just wasn’t good enough. Alot of the details you see that stick out in this image were hand painted or somehow generated by composting other stock. I think the end result is a fairly simple, sexy add promoting lust. I realized throughout this project I’m not a marketing/advertisement specialist.

Self explanatory.. After looking at the previous 7 pieces, I decided to create more advertising friendly versions of the sins. For those that don’t know, this insect is called a praying mantis.. Its unique in that every time the insects mate, the female eat’s the male starting with it’s head, I’m not making that up lol.. Thus the ad

Another image that started out as something much different. Sloth was a fairly difficult thing to depict as most of the other submissions that I could see were the same old generic thing. Someone sitting around doing nothing. First concept I came up with was the sign, I knew right away I wanted to create some kind of play off a stop sign. After that I toy’ed with the idea of creating some kind of EPIC couch that was a motorcycle, fridge, toilet, bed, office, etc all built into one.. There just wasn’t enough stock though, and I told myself from the beginning to keep the 3D work to a minimum with these images. The sign, toilet(yes that is a hand drawn toilet haha)textures and silhouette are all hand painted, with the stock being the window, couch, papers and smoke.

I hope people actually get this.. The sin of sloth is basically not living up to your expectations, or not using the gifts god has given you. Basically it’s being lazy. This ad was inspired by those old ink blot cards that psychologists use to ask you what you see. Of course there is no REAL answer, it’s just interpretation, and thats what I was going for here..

This is probably the simplest of the 7 with very few details. I wanted to work on another concept, but time just didn’t permit it. After doing some research I tried to think of 2 polar opposites that would make a “workable” concept. Quickly came up with the idea of the caterpillar and butterfly, but didn’t know how I wanted to present it. A little while later I arrived at this, the journey from ugly to beautiful, and the perils between. Not sure if this is promoting or warning, but I’ll leave it up to the judges :)

I have a silly mind sometimes haha.. After creating the eyes I knew there was potential here.. The tag line pretty much wrote itself and didn’t require much thought at all.. It’s easy on the eyes, and simple in nature, perfect for a billboard.
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And finally, because no project is complete without a video to go with it. This is a screen capture that details how I went about creating the “GREED” and “WRATH” paintings. Now don’t get confused, in the beginning of the video I initially was creating an ad for LUST, and my attention disorder quickly kicked in and decided to focus on greed, thus the change in direction. After completing the GREED painting, I thought it had more promise so I continued on and eventually ended up with the finished WRATH concept.

So there they are, 7 designs representing the 7 sins we should all be aware of. I hope they are as fun for you to look at as they were for me to make. I’ve been using photoshop for close to 15 years now and it seems like every time I open up the software I learn some new technique or short cut. It was also very educational learning about the sins and there relationship to one another. I’ll keep the blog updated with the results of the contest so check back to find out how I did. As always, thank you for tuning in and check back soon for more updates.