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BOXING at ABCBJJ ft Eric Wayne and Derek Carvalho

Written by:

Joey Sylvester
|  Categories: Blog, Events
Eric Wayne holding the pads while Derek Carvalho gets busy

Boxing at ABCBJJ – Ft Eric Wayne and Derek Carvalho from Joey Sylvester on Vimeo.

Live from the grand opening of team ABCBJJ’s new training facility Eric Wayne and Derek Carvalho put on a fantastic boxing exibition for family and friends to witness. Find more at

Make sure you check out the video below! This was an excellent display of skill from both Eric Wayne and Derek Carvalho as they put on an impressive boxing exhibition for everyone in attendance. This all took place at the new training facility(see address below) for Team Aldo Batista’s Club Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Nashua, NH. In addition to the exhibition, both Eric and Derek also teach boxing classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at the new facility. If your interested in learning a GREAT sport, stop by and say Hi for a couple of minutes. You’ll be greeted by some great people and awesome training.


Boxing training schedule
Mon: 6PM – 730PM
Wed: 6PM – 730PM

130 Northeastern Boulevard
Nashua, NH 03062



  • Ana Maria

    WOW !!!!! VERY GOOD !!!!

  • Eddie

    Amazing, that intro sounds NUTS on my speakers, fantastic work!

  • Rel

    That Nas track is great, so is the intro. Keep up the good work!

  • Joey Sylvester

    Appreciate the kind words everyone, will have much more coming soon :)

  • Afi

    Excellent intro!

  • Lisa

    Loved the intro, must've taken forever. Wooooo go team!

  • Reggie

    Sick intro...Great job Derek and Eric best of luck...

  • Efrain Sanchez

    that was a sick demo right there. mannnn i remember when Eric frist started boxing. wow he has came a long way. hi five mr wayne. and you've also come a long way from where you started joey. keep up the good work. peace out thirst

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