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When we think of a dog’s life, sometimes we think these three words say it all! Well, as Jake our beloved dog is showing us every day, it may not be that simple :)

It was a beautiful Friday and being out in the shade was just a pleasure! Like always mister Jake absolutely had to be there! We wanted to sit down and relax in the yard and read, so closing the gates and letting Jake out was the plan.
And because Jake loves to be the one getting the attention, ……. VOILA!

And as a professional model he just jumps from one mood to another!In one moment we have serious Jake, and the next a playful puppy filled with some of the most hilarious and heartwarming behavior. In that respect I think that being a dog is not that easy, especially when you have to make sure that your territory is under control…… After his “guard” phase passes and he finishes barking non stop at the cat sized dog walking by, he becomes immediatley ready to play.

Of course he never actually lets me touch his toys, he prefers to drop them somewhere next to you, but the second you go to reach for it he snatches it and takes off. Just for the record when I say “take off”, I mean like a black jet with 4 paws, he’s QUICK!:) I love sports, but as you can imagine, he’s a bit quicker than I, especially on the turns :) He always seems to have his toys under control and I don’t think he will ever fail!

It was a good workout anyway. And because he s crazy and so full with energy he managed to somehow land his toy over the fence. Now, that was the moment when i was talking to him like to a little child and if you want the words in the picture it was probably something like : “No! You stay here! I ll go and get your toy! ”

And he was looking at me with his clever eyes!……..

I just wish sometimes to know what is in his mind! After we played he was just sitting there and watching us with an old face, I will call it full with wisdom! I can actually hear him : “You humans, why can t you understand?” or “Not again, How many times must I give my paw to get a treat! Why is it always the same?” :)

After we were looking at some pictures that joey took and Jake left to do his doggy things! Just another day, watching the street, making sure people know who’s house it is! :)

And, look at Jake – the Human, as we name it right in that moment! He s just using his two legs, doing what he knows best – making sure that we are safe! And it s true, is not just Eat, Play and Sleep!

After his duties and playtime are over he finishes strong with his patented “pretty please face”. And because my imagination is getting wild I’m almost positive I can hear him saying : “I m so good in getting what i want”! :)

Yes you are Jakey and we love you, so much!

A great day, as I said before, a lot of fun, as always, when we have the camera around and a lot of love. Maybe we can actually put three more words together… Play.. Love.. Take picture!! Guess we’re not so different now are we..

Enjoy your life! And as a great man once said “Learn as if you will live forever, and live as if you will die tomorrow!” Have a gorgeous day! Thank you for your time!

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