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IBJJF New York International Open April 2011

Written by:

Joey Sylvester
|  Categories: Blog, Events
Congratulations to all of the athletes that competed out there over the weekend, and a big round of applause for my team(ABCBJJ) every one did GREAT! Had a blast all day watching and photographing all of the fights. Big thanks to Daniel Duarte who worked all day filming the entire event, much appreciated dude! The video is in post production and will be posted here when it’s finished. So stay tuned for more!

ibjjf images notice
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A few images from the event are listed below! The rest will be posted shortly, promise! If you don’t see your images in the link that will be posted, please send an email Here.

Team ABCBJJ Live in effect in Newyork, NY for the International Open


Chris Piscione passing guard on his way to finishing first place @ 181lbs Purple Belt Division!

Chris Piscione passing guard

Chris Piscione surprises his opponent with a great takedown.

Chris Piscone takedown

As you can see this is quite a large event!

IBJJF Ring Size
IBJJF Panoramic

Brian Viglione had some great takedowns on his way to finishing first place @ 195lbs.

Brian Viglione takedown

This is one of my favorite shots.

BJJ Blackbelts
screaming black belt
black belt triangle
choke with sleeve
guard pass bjj
BJJ fighter meditating

Brian Viglione again with the Peruvian neck tie.

Brian Viglione Peruvian Necktie
BJJ Choke from behind

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    I'm enjoying your art and I'm very proud of you! :)

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