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Joey Sylvester
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I was debating for some time if I should go all out on my first post with some kind of epic project involving all kinds of motion graphics and composites, but right now things are just too busy. Instead I’ll include some information about my background and how I got into photography. Are you ready? LETS GET CRACKIN!!!

Creative outlets

So from as far back as I can remember I was always into art, even in school when I wasn’t in art class I was constantly drawing and daydreaming of something OTHER than what the teachers were talking about. When I got to High School I started to become interested in computers. This is when I started to really learn how to mix all of my traditional skills with digital art. I started to get heavily involved in cinematography and making my own personal movies. Later on, by the grace of god I ended up in college and got my Degree in Digital Media. Even after graduation I kept my face buried in books and articles about industry related materials. I kept myself busy with Digital Art and sound engineering for quite a while. Skipping forward a couple of years I started concentrating on more traditional design methods like airbrushing, concept art, painting, and learning more about metal, urethane based paints, fiberglass and plastics(detour I know). But it’s all relative, and I was just clinging to anything that I could use to help fuel my creativity.

In 2004 I started to really get into photography, everything I know is a product of various books, google searches and industry professionals that helped me get to where I am. In 2007-8′ish, I started to really concentrate and take my photography seriously, and that’s when everything started to come together. For a while during this period I was mixing photography with graphic design and web development projects for Afffiniti. After weighing all the variables, this is it. I decided to fully dedicate myself to photography. I started this blog to document the process and hopefully help some of you reading this. That and the fact that keyboard venting is great!!! Haha

So, there it is folks, that’s me in a nutshell. Any other questions please feel free to ask. I do have a HUGE amount of content planned for everyone so don’t get too teary eyed just yet. Things have been so busy lately, but I’ll be dedicating more and more time to this blog. I’ll have some interesting stuff up soon, I promise. Some emails have already started coming in and I’ll be replying as soon as possible. For now, be patient with this temporary gap in activity while I tie up some loose ends on projects.


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