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Street Shoot: @TheRealJayGatz

Written by:

Joey Sylvester
|  Categories: Blog, Photoshoot, Street Shoots

Another great photo shoot in the books. This time we hit the streets with a very talented JayGatz. We hit the ground running with the native from Boston, MA. Overall the shoot went great, not even some unexpected equipment malfunctions could prevent us from doing our thing. Glad to see Gatz could maintain a straight face what with some of the locations smelling like old garbage left in the sun. Other then that as you can tell by this post, everything went pretty smooth.

The weather and atmosphere was perfect, and I’m extremely thankful to Jordan for being a good sport about everything.

Wardrobe was on point thanks to mr gatz, always nice to have clients that are able to dress them self without guidance. You’d be surprised how many people ask me what to wear for their shoot.

Impressive how he kept a straight face with the smell of old hot fish lingering in the air =)

After some wonderful moments spent in that lovely alley, we decided to hit the streets with our gear and that’s exactly what I did. Midway into the shoot my transmitter started to bug out and decide to not work. Luckily though, after repeatedly cussing it out and smashing it on the pavement, it decided to function normally. When in doubt, cuss and smash =)

This might look like a fairly decent spot to sit down and relax, but after taking some shots Gatz chased a rat into the bushes! Corina preferred to think it was a “squirrel”, but judging from the description and her reaction, it was a big rat! =)

Yes we were trespassing, no we didn’t get caught. Matter fact I think we were doing everything that sign said not to do :)

Let that be a lesson to all them there trespassers ;)

We decided to change things up and shoot in a field. But since rap and wheat fields don’t really mesh well I didn’t much care for a lot of the shots except for this one.

I’m all about wearing creative and humorous t-shirts, but the ones that Jay kept throwing on were getting more and more hysterical. Another 2 thumbs up for the wardrobe selection!

And finally, we have the hard working crew that put there blood sweat and tears into the shoot. One Mister Joseph Sylvester(ahem, thank you thank you), and one Miss Corina Panait. You know your having a great time when the hours seem to fly by, that is when everything is going smoothly. Until next time internet, stay warm and stay happy.

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