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Street Shoot: with oQuest aka Lamar Hall

Written by:

Joey Sylvester
|  Categories: Blog, Photoshoot, Street Shoots

A couple of quickies from one of last week’s shoots. Interesting part about this shoot was that 1.) I didn’t have to travel, and 2.) we didn’t shoot in a studio! Enough, on with the shoot!

The Artist

Name: Lamar Hall aka OQuest
Genre: Hip Hop
Location: Boston, MA
About: Lamar Hall (aka OQuest) is one dead serious black man; a lyrical madman. He was born and raised in Boston, MA making music his whole life really, but seriously for about 20 years. Still on his grind … He believes that when it comes to rap, just say WHEN. Lamar would like to give a special shout out to his fans from RvB for all the love & support with his latest music! You can find him on songs from Season 9 like: Falling Towards the Sky, I am the Best, Talking that Shit and more.

Going into this shoot I had a couple of finished shots in my head that I knew I wanted. This, and the following, was a couple of them. Others involve quite a bit of post processing so they will be posted in an update later on.

If I post an image in my blog it’s because I usually like something about it. But ever so often you come across an image that just screams, PRINT ME! Imagine having something like this blown up and hung in your office at work or maybe hanging on a wall next to the front door at home. The possibilities are endless! :)

Here is another image that I thought would look amazing in print. It’s almost painful to post some of these images on my blog. A great deal of quality is lost when prepping the images to be displayed on a web page. Convenience has its’ costs I guess.

Side Note: In other awesome news, my iPhone survived a 14 foot fall onto a hard wood floor. During another one of my ultimate displays of wisdom, I monkey climbed an atrium column to get to the second floor. While hanging upside down, my phone decided to attempt committing suicide by leaping out of my pocket. My entire body tensed up when felt it slip from my pocket. As I heard it hit smack off and continue to bounce along the floor, I thought for sure I would be ordering some replacement parts. To everyone’s surprise, there wasn’t even a scratch on it. I have owned every apple phone since launch and have never owned a protective case. I will say my phones get pretty torn up after 1-2 years of use though.. I think this is a real testament to the kind of engineering apple puts into it’s products.

If that wasn’t enough we wrapped this shoot in almost no time and ended up with some great material. More will be posted when it gets mastered and approved for use. As always god bless, and any questions or comments are always welcomed.

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