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Tatami Fightwear – ZERO G V2

Written by:

Joey Sylvester
|  Categories: Blog, VIDEO

Why is there a picture of me wearing an Atama gi? Because it used to be my favorite uniform to train in, that and the fact that it ripping is what lead me to this next blog post.. See, in the span of 1 week, 3 of my atama kimono’s ripped during training. It was no fault of there own, and actually was a real testament to their durability. I washed and machined dried(on high heat, which your not supposed to do) them for over 2 years. After destroying the 3rd gi, I had to look for an alternative. Even though I really liked Atama’s brand, I wanted to try something new. I had previously purchased a couple of different brand gi’s, only to find they didn’t fit or the quality was lacking.

As you can tell, I got my money’s worth out of the atama.. I ended up taking a series of measurements and comparing them to what was on the market. This narrowed down the choice quite a bit, seems finding a gi that fits someone who’s not exactly tall and has long arms is pretty difficult. After spending way too much time searching, I came across Tatami Fightwear. Fast forward a couple of days and somehow one thing led to another and we have what you see below. A promotional video detailing the strengths and key points of the soon to be released Zero G V2 gi.

Some screen shots of the actual video. If the embed doesn’t work, you can check out the video HERE

Business aside, I really do like their product. They seem to be great with customer service, and a large step above their competition in terms of quality and fit. They also offer a full range of clothing and other fight gear. So if your ever in the market, I would say they are a good place to start your shopping.. Until next time folks..

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