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Team ABCBJJ Grand Opening

Written by:

Joey Sylvester
|  Categories: Blog, Events
Grand Opening event for Team ABCBJJ

Team ABCBJJ recently had their grand opening for their new training facility in Nashua, NH. I was filming the whole day and captured a bunch of great footage. I think overall the event was a complete success, and thanks friends and family that came out to celebrate the grand opening. There was a bunch of activities throughout the day including a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu demonstration by the man himself Aldo Batista, an excellent boxing exhibition put on by Eric Wayne and Derek Carvalho, and a strong finish with Muay Tai by Guy Chase, Chris Madden, Joey Ly and Rebecca Terrinha.

It was a great day for everyone, including myself. As much as I wanted to be a part of the demonstration, it just wasn’t possible with all of the running back and forth, uploading and equipment calibrations. I had a great time filming the event though, and the food was payment enough(A big THANK YOU to Jose Perego that worked the grill!!!)

The night before we had been at the facility cleaning preparing it until 4:00AM!!! I’ll put together some footage of that and put it below as well. We installed the ring, put all of the mattes down, mounted the heavy bags, ate a bunch of pizza, laughed and more.. Also, check out the end of the behind the scenes video to see what Greg did to Aldo’s BRAND NEW mattes! Needless to say, when it came to having to wake up and be back at the facility at 8AM, it was a challenge to stay awake, never mind sharp. I’ll put some screen shots from the video below so you can get an idea of how the day went. Any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to leave some comments below, they help! Cheers!

Aldo Batista took a few moments to speak to everyone that came out for the event.

Jose Perego busy on the grill. The food was absolutley delicious!

Derek Carvahlo and Eric Wayne put on an excellent boxing exibition.

Chris Madden and Joey Ly performed a Muay Tai demoonstration for the crowd.

ABCBJJ Grand Opening Video

Grand opening day for Team ABCBJJ’s BRAND NEW training facility. Join us on a fun filled day with the Team and their friends and family members as we give you a sneak peak into the new facility, and disciplines currently being taught there. Directed and Produced by Joey Sylvester @

ABCBJJ Grand Opening – Behind The Scenes

The night before the grand opening and we are BUSY at work trying to get things finished and organized. Hard to believe we were able to get things done in time but we did. We finished around 4AM and had to be back at 8AM. It was a very long weekend to say the least, but had a great time!! Cheers

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  • Peter

    Video was SICK!!! I've seen your work on the forums and it's really impressive, thanks for sharing. So you do video and photography? The behind the scenes video was awesome too, keep it up!

    • Joey Sylvester

      Thanks Pete, appreciate the kind words. Yes, my video skills are no where near as polished as my photography but it's getting there slowly but surely. Going to be updating this site regularly with videos so be sure to check back. Cheers!

  • Lillian

    Very professional job keep up the good work, you have so many talents

  • Carolina

    The grand opening video is awesome!!! It pumps me up!

  • Adam

    Nice work, Joey!

  • Eric Wayne

    Amazing Joey! Thanks so much. Proud to be a part of this awesome video. Your work is incredible!

    • Joey

      Thanks alot man!

  • M. Ellie

    Joey Sylvester Photographer I like this, and your work, very much. You have a knack for seeing and photographing the not so obvious. Best of Luck in this endeavour!

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