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Good Times 5k in Lowell MA Photos

Written by:

Joey Sylvester
|  Categories: Blog, Events, Lowell

BACKSTORY: As some of you may or may not know, Corina is fit as a whistle :) Not only does She LOVE to run, but she just happens to be one of the best at it too.. In my opinion she looks absolutely STUNNING in her shorts and race shoes! Every morning before heading to work she can be seen running the streets of lowell. Recently she signed up to run a series of races held every Tuesday night in downtown Lowell, MA. The event is called The Good Times 5k and is organized out of Hookslide Kelly’s for any of you locals that are curious.

So.. Every Tuesday night as the race begins, I can be found cheering for my beautiful other half while snapping some photo’s of the participating runners. It really is a great event filled with a lot of down to earth people. While some run competitively, others are out to have fun and challenge themselves at the same time. As an avid competitor and athlete, I believe there is a special value in sports photography regardless of whether your competing or having fun. 30 years from now when you or your grandchildren look at that photo, I would prefer it to be a professional one of you doing something you loved. If I did my job as a photographer, you both would not only be happy but you would be able to recall exactly what that moment felt like. That alone gives me the solace and motivation I need for what I do.

As always, there will be a small amount of photos posted here, and more posted on my facebook page located at Here. Enough of the jabbering, ON TO THE PHOTOS!